You are currently using the BasWare IP ThinClient solution and you are experiencing the following error message in your BasWare IP ThinClient application: “Security Check Fails …”, find out in this article how we solved this problem …

First of all, you have to enable ASP error messages because the Security Check Fails message is a simplified message from IIS. To do this, go to the Internet Options of the browser and uncheck the following option:

In our case, once the ASP error messages are activated, here is the original message that we have encountered via IP ThinClient:

  • Error Message: error ‘8002802b’ /ThinClient/posting/f2_f2_fastposting.asp, line 124

After analysis, in our case, the error was located in the file f2_f2_fastposting.asp at line 124. This came from the Basware DLL BWIPTCLineItems50 which was incorrectly registered in the Windows registry of our Web server, although it was working long before.

————– File – f2_f2_fastposting.asp  ——————

Set objListItemsHeaders = Server.CreateObject("BWIPTCLineItems50.clsLIHeaders")
blnTest = objListItemsHeaders.Load (objIFaceDB, False)
set objListItems = Server.CreateObject("BWIPTCLineItems50.clsLIRows")
blnTest = objListItems.Load(objIFaceDB, sInvoiceID, objListItemsHeaders)
lngLineItemsCount = objListItems.Count
set objListItemsHeaders = nothing
set objListItems = nothing
if Session("OldDocIdForTabs") <> sInvoiceID and lngLineItemsCount = 0 then
end if

————– File – f2_f2_fastposting.asp  ——————

The action we took to resolve this error was as follows:

  • Re-register the .DLL file in the Windows registry titled: BWIPTCLineItems50.dll located in the « D:\applications\BasWare\IP\Web\ThinClient\Components » directory.

If you are experiencing the same issue and need assistance, please feel free to contact us and create a support ticket through this link.