General Questions

For the moment, all our consultants are located in France (mainly in Paris)

Not only do we hire the best consultants in their field for the team, but we also assign requests to consultants who “really” know how to deal with them as quickly as possible.

All requests related to developments, Basware settings: new features, bug correction, modification of the presentation of fields, KPI Monitor requests, optimization of the Basware server, etc…

To contact us and create a ticket with our support, simply go to our Support section and fill out the form for your support request. After that, we will provide you with an estimate based on your request.
In case you accept the quote, we will send you a contract to sign electronically so that we can start working together at the best price.

You don’t need to choose a specific formula! Your billing will automatically be adjusted to your monthly consumption on a declining basis.

Packages available:

  • ON DEMAND package: € 129 per hour
  • BASIC package: € 119 per hour
  • STANDARD package: € 109 per hour
  • PREMIUM package: € 99 per hour


  1. If the first month you consume more than 60 hours of production, you will directly benefit from a rate of € 99 per hour (PREMIUM Package).
  2. If the second month, you only used 6 hours of realization, you will benefit from the pricing at € 119 per hour (BASIC Package).
  3. In the case of monthly use of less than 5 hours of production, the rate of € 129 per hour will apply (ON DEMAND Package).
Don't hesitate to contact us via the contact section if you have any questions

Due to our Business Model of billing per minute, we bill your Uncode account when you validate its estimate in the case of evolution and only when the request is completed and you validated it in the case of support request.

However, if we fail to meet deadlines or if our achievements do not meet the need you have transmitted to us or if you find bugs in our achievements, you can request a refund under a warranty period of 1 (one) month in the form of a credit note.

Before a refund is processed, please let us try to help you resolve the issue(s) you are having.
Please also note that a refund will not be accepted if you simply decide to not use our solutions or our customizations. We support our products and assist you in solving your problems, but we also hope that you are aware of what you are buying and why.

Our team is organized so that we also carry out your requests when you sleep, that is, 24/7 support.

We can maintain your Basware solution as well as those of your subsidiaries or your customers.

We can develop new features, fix bugs or unusual behavior, change the configuration of certain fields or the appearance of your Basware solution, etc. You don’t have to worry about quality – everything will be fine. If you want to know how we can help your Basware customer to maintain their solution without you having to interfere, go to our “White Label” section.

It depends on the complexity of the service request. We still try to meet the service levels below:

Duration of the request                                           Approximate delivery time

Beyond 1 hour                                                         Within 6 hours

Beyond 3 hours                                                       Within 12 hours

Beyond 5 hours                                                       Within 36 hours

Beyond 10 hours                                                     Within 96 hours

By default, all new accounts on the “Uncode” platform are currently configured for 1-step authentication. However, on a simple request from you, we can activate 2-step authentication (1-step) via Google’s trusted third party.
You can contact us via the Contact section to let us know your request.

If you wish to contact us for a question or a remark on copyright or legal notices, write to us via the Contact section..

Consultants generally follow the client’s instructions. If they think something is necessary, such as backups or a transit area (Recipe, Quality or Preproduction), they will offer it to the customer. In most cases, consultants download the client configuration locally, so that they do not stay connected to the client environment and have the ability to work only with code.

We work with Basware and its surrounding technologies: AnyERP Adapter, Basware Invoice Processing, Basware Purchase Management, Basware Alusta, Microsoft SQL Server, Kofax Capture, Kofax KTM, Kofax KIC. Some of our consultants are also familiar with SAP FI, ​​SAP CO, SAP MM, SAP SD, Oracle Applications, and other ERP solutions. However, if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask us with support via chat or otherwise via the Contact section. – they will respond to your request.

All tasks associated with Basware developments and configurations: new features, bug fixes, interface modifications, configuration or optimization with the server, etc…

Formules Basic & Etendues

Les formules Uncode sont faites pour répondre aux personnes et organisations de différents types et de différentes tailles.

Aussi bien à un client souhaitant une intervention ponctuelle pour résoudre un cas précis ou simplement pour effectuer un test de notre équipe support via la formule ON DEMAND.

Mais également pour un client souhaitant des interventions plus récurrentes; administration système sur Basware, petites ou grandes évolutions via les formules BASIC et STANDARD.

Pour les entreprises de plus grosses tailles, la formule PREMIUM est conseillée et sinon pour des volumes plus important, vous pouvez nous contacter directement.

Oui c’est exact! Mais une fois que vous êtes satisfait du devis fourni, vous devez ajouter des fonds à votre compte pour lancer la réalisation.

Vous pouvez acheter des heures supplémentaires pour un tarif réduit ou effectuer une mise à niveau de votre formule si vous le souhaitez.

Oui, veuillez nous fournir au préalable tous les éléments nécessaires (description détaillées de la demande, fichiers de configuration ou accès aux systèmes, FTP). Nous pouvons ensuite y affecter un consultant qui vous donnera une estimation et peut-être une meilleure suggestion. Si vous êtes d’accord avec le devis, vous choisissez une formule ou payez uniquement les heures nécessaires et le consultant commence la réalisation.

Bien Sûr. Veuillez contacter directement le support via la rubrique Contact.

Nous offrons le support téléphonique exclusivement dans les formules STANDARD et PREMIUM. Mais vous pouvez cependant demander un point téléphonique pour la spécification de votre besoin pour l’une de vos demandes.

Solution "Marque Blanche"

La solution « Marque Blanche » de Uncode vous permet d’économiser 100% de votre temps.

Vos clients actuels peuvent effectuer des demandes au travers de notre outil de gestion interne et les consultants Uncode réaliseront la demande en votre nom.

La solution « Marque Blanche » fonctionne via un modèle de rémunération partagé. Nous pouvons charger le compte de votre client avec un volume horaire. Pour voir nos différents forfaits, veuillez, aller dans notre section Tarifs.

Pour une demande de solution « Marque Blanche », veuillez nous contacter.