You maintain the BasWare solution or are responsible for the BasWare solution in your business and your solution uses a third-party software package to capture and index documents…

How do you ensure that all your scanned, indexed and exported documents to BasWare are well integrated into it?

At first, the easiest way is to create a query in the BasWare IP Monitor app that would allow its user to have a quick look at uncomstanded or import-awaited documents.
This can be used to determine whether a problem is proven or not.

What if a document doesn’t want to fit into BasWare?
Often documents do not integrate for the following reasons:
Missing or erroneous baseline data
Missing or erroneous organizational data
Date format problem
Amount separator problem

It’s best to give a hand to a Key User or a Business Administrator (MOA Support) to control and correct data previously indexed to the misread document.
That’s where BasWare DataAdmin comes in!
With DataAdmin and a little elbow grease, or rather “fingers” for developers, you’re going to create and make available a whole dashboard to manage your KOFAX import feeds.

To go further:
Couple with daily email notifications and you have a whole solution to oversee the importation of your KOFAX batches into BasWare.
Set up dashboard and team permissions, and why not the Key User!
As information system manager, this type of solution helps to lighten your support or incident load, redistributing it to teams that will be better able to process them from their business knowledge.

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