You maintain the BasWare solution or are responsible for the BasWare solution in your business and your solution uses the BasWare IFace Service application to manage the automation of its tasks…

The automation of tasks, the functionality that allows us to manage both the integration of our repositories but also the automatic transfer of our data to other information systems.

Often, for most of the clients I worked in, their IFace tool or rather the setting of the BasWare IFace Configuration Tool application was not optimized.

Optimized, what do you mean?
Let me explain…
First of all how long does your application night last? For some 3h, others 4h and the longest I met was 8am. For the most part, you can halve this time.

Optimization can be done under three axes:
– Review the start time of the first task: check with the trade and system administrators if it is not possible to start the night Application earlier (8pm for example instead of 1am the next day)
– Auditing the code to optimize resource- and time-consuming tasks (heavy database data recovery: supplier repository, account plan, cost centers,…
– Task sequence: If your tasks are set to start at a specific time, you end up with a delay between each task launch. This can be optimized by running tasks in queue mode. That is, as soon as one task has finished running, it automatically launches the next one.

I hope I have enlightened you on the tracks to follow 🙂

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