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Why work with us?

No competitors

You will not compete with other freelancers on assignments

No charges !

We do not charge additional fees

Stay focused !

You will focus on development while we manage sales

Manage your schedule

You can choose the projects and define your availability calendar


This is how our selection process works


Registration via the form to fill out

Assessment test

15 min English assessment test.

Online interview

Online interview to assess your motivation and skills

Start your 1st mission

Once your application has been evaluated, you will receive your first missions within 2 weeks



There are four simple steps:

  1. Register. At this stage, we will need to know your technical and functional skills, your hourly rate expectations and your contact details.
  2. 15 minute English test. Most of our customers are English speaking. You will work directly with your client, so written English is essential.
  3. Test mission. You will receive a few problems that match your technical or functional skills. This is how we check if you are good at development.
  4. Live interview. We get to know each freelancer to work with. Your personality is just as important to us as the quality of your work.

Usually less than 1 week. But the time frame may vary depending on your availability, skills and demand on the platform at the moment.

We provide monthly payments. They are calculated like this: Your hourly rate x Hours billed = Monthly total

We do not have it ! Uncode will not charge you any additional fees. You will get back all the money you earned.

You will need to register your hours on the Uncode platform.

Once we know we can offer your services at a higher price, we will suggest increasing your rate. This usually happens once you have a successful mission on our platform or learn new skills.

In addition to small and medium-sized assignments, we also have clients hiring freelancers for full-time remote positions. If you care about career growth, these are the type of assignments we think would work best for you.

Once we have a new project opening, we decide who is assigned to the task, based on a few criteria:

  1. Skills appropriate to the mission
  2. Availability at the given time of the mission
  3. Preferences on project type and duration

We work with anyone who needs highly qualified and vetted freelance developers. Some of the people you will have the opportunity to work with could be:

  • Integrators of accounting solutions, ERP, Purchase-To-Pay, dematerialization,…
  • Corporate IT departments
  • Accounting manager

Here are some things we work with (regardless of technologies and project sizes):

  • Updating a business solution to new standards
  • Migrating data from one entity to another
  • Corrections and adjustments to solutions already deployed by the customer
  • Development of new functionalities in the client’s existing solution(s)
  • Improving task automation in the client’s existing solution(s)